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Welcome to the home of Matcha, the writing app that combines a peaceful, simple writing environment with the features and flexibility you need to let your creativity blossom.

Whether you're working on a blog, an article, a journal entry, a web page, a dissertation, a project plan, or just jotting notes, you'll have the tools you need to turn the ideas in your head into words on the screen. It's also for sharing once you've completed your writing, you can e-mail your document in a number of formats, print it, open it in other programs, or sync it to Dropbox and iCloud instantly so you can access it anywhere.

This is the secret recipe behind Matcha: creativity, simplicity, and flexibility, steeped together without the addition of complications, clutter, or rules.

Incredibly easy-to-use

Matcha helps foster your creativity and productivity by combining the simplicity and beauty of an uncomplicated writing space with a number of powerful writing and sharing features. You'll find everything you need to write on the go without being overwhelmed by with menus, toolbars, and options.

With just a few taps, you can access all of the following features:

Reliable Sync & Universal Search

Integrating with Fleksy

And now, Matcha presenting Fleksy keyboard or your own external Bluetooth keyboard so you can write faster and more accurately with Fleksy.

Over 80,000 students, professionals, bloggers, journalists, and writers of all kinds have had their mobile writing experience revolutionized by Matcha.